When the international students went to Ganjeolgeot for a field trip last year, I was surprised to see a nice spot in Ulsan that could easily become a crowded tourist destination if only it wasn’t remotely located. I promised myself to come back to this place when I find the time.

So one day, when my friend from Daegu (a land-locked city in Korea) messaged me that he had been itching to see the beach, I readily volunteered to accompany him. He was originally thinking about Haeundae, though, another beach that I wanted to visit, which I have never been to before.

As we were exchanging some “You decide. No, you decide.”s, he thought: “Why don’t we visit both?”

Brilliant idea!

So we first met in Dongdaegu Bus Terminal where we took a bus together to Busan.


I just needed to take a photo of this. Seeing a train trailing the countryside kind of reminds me of Harry Potter. 🙂


When we arrived in Haeundae Bus Terminal, we scouted for the beach. We found this nice department store instead. We tried hard not to purchase a single item. Lol.


Haeundae is arguably the most popular beach in South Korea. It is located in the opulent Haeundae District in Busan and it has a stretch of white sand beach with some nice buildings lined by the shore. When I first saw its photos online, I told myself, I am so visiting this beach before I graduate!


The first time I laid my eyes on Haeundae, I was awed

It actually reminded me of Acapulco, a beach I normally see in Mexican telenovelas that I used to watch as a young boy. I like the contrast of nature (the beach and the mountains) and urban elements (tall buildings lining the shore).


Me ditching the bubble jacket, as Spring approaches


The other side


Panoramic view




Birds literally flock at your feet in Haeundae

It was a nice time enjoying the sea breeze but we had to cut it short because we had to go to another city and visit a second beach. So we rushed back to the bus terminal.

However, on our way back, we passed by this quaint sushi restaurant with irresistible food sprawled in its display window. So yeah, we both were not hungry, but sushi time it is!


My meal


Look at that gorgeous assortment


Ganjeolgeot is a beach in Ulsan best known as the spot where you can experience the first sunrise in the entire Korean Peninsula. Hence, Ganjeolgeot is a famous destination during New Year’s eve, as people wanted to greet the first ray of sun for the incoming year.


Compared to Haeundae, Ganjeolgeot is much much different. It has a more bucolic feel, with minimal touch of urbanization. There is a windmill that adds to the pastoral effect. I also liked this nice restaurant with beautiful architecture (I will post a close-up photo next time, something I took during my first visit to Ganjeolgeot with the international students).


with that nice restaurant in the background, plus a relaxing stretch of grass carpet

That’s my friend, William, right there in red.


I like this shot



Lonewulf by the windmill – I liked that its color matches my shirt 🙂 In my previous visit the windmill was reddish or something


Beautiful Ganjeolgeot

We grabbed a cup of coffee in a Starbucks by the beach. Then we went back to Ulsan’s downtown, Samsandong.


On our way to Ganjeolgeot, found this dental clinic named after my real name. Can you read it?



Before I headed home, I took a shot of Ulsan’s Samsandong while crossing the street – nice city lights



I know there are much more beautiful beaches in the Philippines, but these two are also memorable. And I recommend anyone in South Korea, if you have time, visit either or both Haeundae and Ganjeolgeot. 🙂


About lonewulf

I am a self-confessed 'jologs', a country boy who now works in the big city. I studied Applied Math, and am now completing Finance while working as a risk analyst. I feel extremely happy whenever I dance, draw/sketch, and write. I also like to read books, eat (not fruits, or vegetables), sleep, and travel. Update (12/2017) - I have already completed my Finance Masters in Diliman, plus Financial Engineering in Korea. I came back to Manila just last year from the Land of the Morning Calm, and is now currently working as a Risk Manager for a multinational financial institution. I am now updating this information box in the hopes that I will get my groove back into writing. I kinda missed it. And I actually have tons and tons of adventures that I have not logged in here. Hope to catch up to what's happening in my life. Here's to hoping for more adventures, and having enough time and energy to share all of them in this online realm. Cheers!

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