Still part of my entries for my Autumn 2014 trip, I would like to talk about this food that silently crept up to the top in my ranks, tying with Galbi/Kalbi. I am talking about PPYEOHAEJANGGUK!

(Yes, the CapsLock and exclamation point are necessary)

Anyway, for more background about what it is, check out my description HERE. But basically, it is a bone soup. A heavenly bone soup!

I was told it was designed to cure(?) hangover. So it should be perfect to have this when you’re drinking some alcohol (or after).

After our visit to Herb Island, we went to Gapyeong to stay for the night. Gapyeong is a quiet district north-ish of Seoul and is the gateway to Naminara Republic (Nami Island). And before we hit the sack, we decided to have dinner first. We ordered, what else? Ppyeohaejangguk! πŸ™‚

While waiting for my Ppyeohaejangguk

While waiting for my Ppyeohaejangguk

Struggling to hide my excitement

Struggling to hide my excitement



With ornaments that this strict carnivore did not dare even touch

With ornaments that this strict carnivore did not dare even touch

This food is really really good! I cannot emphasize that enough. Last autumn, I almost ate ONLY this for all my meals. My Korean friend saw my outpouring enthusiasm over the dish that he went to the grocery and bought me some frozen version of the food to take back with me to the Phillipines (Yes! Surprisingly there is “instant ppyeohaejangguk” – I’ll try to look for the pics and post about it later)

Anyway, if you happen to visit South Korea, this is one of the top must-try dishes that I URGE you to eat. The meat is so soft, tears right off the bones; the soup is served boiling hot and is actually very tasty; the flavors of the meat, bean paste, vegetables, blahblah, Korean magic, explodes in your mouth in every sip and chew.

I don’t know how else to describe the food. I am salivating right now. 😦


Anyway, that’s it for now. Will post about my autumn in Nami Island next.

Gotta catch some z’s, so I will have enough energy for my afternoon class.




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  1. the food looks, uhm, delicious!

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