Today is Labor Day here in Korea (same date we celebrate it in Philippines). And thanks to that, I have the entire day to myself. Oh, I love some me-time. Some solitude.

And what makes this day even more special, is that the new Grey’s Anatomy episode will become available today. Not just an ordinary episode, by the way. It was a 2-hour special very much anticipated by the show’s followers because it could spell how the show will continue – given that Derek Shepherd died in last week’s episode.

Anyway, most followers had been very vocal about not wanting to continue watching the show if Derek dies. I understand them since Derek is an integral part of the show, him being Meredith Grey’s significant other. I do, however, don’t agree with not wanting to watch the show. I mean, I have been watching this since it started airing more than 10 years ago. I was still in college, young, much more innocent, and a very very much different person than who I am now. I practically grew up with this show. And the reason why I did not leave it all these years is that it just hits my heart in the right places. The actors, the characters, the plots and subplots, the remarkable lines, the catchphrases (“Seriously”), and of course, the soundtrack.

This week’s episode might have a different style of storytelling, if you look back to the Denny Duquet arc, or Yang’s final season. And it may not be as shocking as George O’Malley’s dying moment, nor as unbelievable as Lexie’s and Sloan’s deaths. BUT, I firmly believe that it is how the story should be told.

The pain of losing a loved one, it was written all over the episode. So, kudos to the writers.

Meredith being off-the-grid, IT WAS SPOT ON.

It was exactly what happened to me when I lost a loved one. The whole episode was my entire 2014. So, I can totally understand how it was about Meredith’s missing-ness. And the general empty feeling (as an audience) of seeing everyone ‘seemingly’ just moving on with their lives, and you still getting stuck about the death, it is the exact feeling you will feel if someone very close to you dies.

But anyway, since I am in a much better place now, I did not really cry while watching. Not until that Callie scene with the patient and his robotic foot.

Callie made a man walk again

Callie made a man walk again

Callie realizing she was able to do this miracle because of Derek's help - with the

Callie realizing she was able to do this miracle because of Derek’s help — with the “badass sensors made by an amazing neurosurgeon”

It is those moments, when you look back and honor the dead and what he had done while he’s still alive, it’s those moments that just make me cry. Even up to now.

I also particularly liked the scene when Meredith eventually came back to their house. Yeah, the house that Derek built.

Meredith takes a moment to breathe the Derek atmosphere

Meredith takes a moment to breathe the Derek atmosphere

This right here, I think, is one of the major milestones of Meredith’s road to Acceptance.

Sleeping on their bed. Alone.

Sleeping peacefully on their bed. Alone.

That space. :(

That space. 😦

Amongst all the Grey’s Anatomy characters (past and present), I have always identified myself with Meredith — even though this online quiz told me that I am a Lexie Grey (much to my delight, by the way, because I think she is just the most gorgeous in the show).

Took this online personality test one year ago.

Took this online personality test one year ago.

I liked the quiz result, but I actually see myself as a Meredith. Some people I know would actually describe me as having a dark personality (that’s despite my generally sunny disposition). And I would actually feel glad when they do. Not that dark & twisted is a fun place, but it makes me think they are implying that I am a strong person, because I can handle dark.

Anyway, yeah, contrary to the popular opinion, I still love the show. And I will continue watching it, and I hope it will still have many more seasons to come.

Thanks a lot, Grey’s actors and production staff! Thanks, Shonda! Keep on writing the show, please.

P.S. Btw, I also loved the ending, because it makes everything open. Like you do not know where the story would go from here. Like a clean slate, a chance for a fresh start. Exactly how I felt few months ago, at the moment when I was certain that I was ready to move on (or get up from the bathroom floor, and take off the prom dress – in Izzie’s case – lol).

Move forward, Meredith. And be extra-awesome! -- Life goes on.

Meredith back at work, and this time she’s wearing  Derek’s ferryboat scrub cap.

Move forward, Mer. And be extra-awesome!

Life goes on.


Just sharing this…


Teddy… my version of the ferryboat scrub cap

Candid Teddy

Keep me company, okay, buddy?


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