So while taking a break from reading a lot of stuff, I browsed my Facebook feeds and encountered this video from viddsee, called “Aftershock” and was directed by Remton Siega Zuasola. Watch the video HERE.

To be honest, I cried a lot while watching the short film. You may or may not be able to understand why I cried, but it really have hit me on so many fronts. I did not exactly undergo what the protagonist was going through in the video. However, the simplification of the whole process, it was very familiar to me. LOSS. GRIEF. MOVING ON. You hold on so tight onto something you have come to love so much, and then at the blink of an eye, gone. Forever. And then follows the endless wondering about what just happened. What went wrong? What was it that I could have done differently? Why did I lose the battle?

Anyway, I was way over that phase in my life. Yes, it still hurts sometimes, but I am in a much better shape now. Much thanks to all my friends who have helped me stand up, fight back, and continue living life.

Why I’m writing this entry, is not entirely to dwell about that phase. It is about the song that was being sung by the protagonist. “Ug karon ako nang luparon… manamilit kay akong taposon…” It is in my first language Bisaya or Cebuano. The whole film was actually in Bisaya. And it reminded me of how poetic my mother tongue could be. It is just ironic to appreciate my first language, when I am currently here in a foreign land (yes, I will write about that soon, sorry), trying to learn the local language.

Anyhow, I am also attaching a copy of the lyrics of the song, which is by the way entitled “KAWANANGAN” and sung by Missing Filemon.

Intro:  Em  -  A D DM7
Di na di na ko mohilak pa
Kapoy na ki?ng mga mata
Wala na koy ikabuga
       D DM7
Hala padayon abi nimo og sayon
Apan akong agwantahon
Malimtan da tika puhon
          Em A
Ug (Kay) karon ako nang luparon
      Em A
Manamilit kay akong taposon
     D DM7
Mga damgo niadtong kita pang duha
               D7 G
Nakahinumdum ka pa ba ubay-ubay pud to sila
      D DM7
Hala katawa abi nimo og sayon
            D7 G
Apan akong agwantahon malimtan da tika puhon
     F BM7
Mga langit libolibo gatusan man ang buwan
     F BM7
Mga adlaw ug bitoon sa katugnaw maglutaw
     A DM7
Taliwa sa kawanangan ang kahayag mosubang
     A DM7
Himamaton kong Balaan ang Gamhanan sa tanan
Adlib:  D  -  DM7  -  D7  -  G  x2
Change key Refrain:  F#  -  G  -  F#  -  G Em A
Kay taposon ko na'ng kalibutan ko karon
Outro:  D  -  DM7  -  D7  -  G
Ends with D

I just love the melody of this song. I hope the Visayan Music industry will continue to flourish. πŸ™‚

To Missing Filemon, thank you very much for this song. And to the people behing “Aftershock”, thank you very much. You had no idea how cathartic it was to watch the short film. Create more like this… please!



About lonewulf

I am a self-confessed 'jologs', a country boy who now works in the big city. I studied Applied Math, and am now completing Finance while working as a risk analyst. I feel extremely happy whenever I dance, draw/sketch, and write. I also like to read books, eat (not fruits, or vegetables), sleep, and travel. Update (12/2017) - I have already completed my Finance Masters in Diliman, plus Financial Engineering in Korea. I came back to Manila just last year from the Land of the Morning Calm, and is now currently working as a Risk Manager for a multinational financial institution. I am now updating this information box in the hopes that I will get my groove back into writing. I kinda missed it. And I actually have tons and tons of adventures that I have not logged in here. Hope to catch up to what's happening in my life. Here's to hoping for more adventures, and having enough time and energy to share all of them in this online realm. Cheers!

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