In our Urban Elite Christmas Party last 21 December 2013, we had an ‘exchange gifts’ segment. Normally, I do not look forward to kris kringles because more often than not I get random stuff that I do not like.

This year, however, I got lucky. At the start of the program, one of my org sisses, Mica, was very vocal about wanting to pick this particular item. It is a planner. I was so busy attending to other things that night so I was not really able to take a glimpse of what that item was. And besides, I already got my much-desired 2014 planner earlier that evening, hence, I wasn’t too interested on Mica’s eyed gift.

Lady Luck showed some humor though when she let Mica pick a bunch of gift certificates as her gift, and bestowed Mica’s desired planner upon… none other than… ME! πŸ™‚

Being initially benevolent, I offered Mica to trade gifts, since (1) I already had my planner, and (2) I want to make her Christmas happy. However, when I was about to hand her over the planner, I read the words “Witty Will…” NO!



I am so sorry. The first Witty Will Save The World franchise that I got was now not with me. 😦 And besides, when I made a quick sideway glance to the gift-giver Nanay Angel, I thought I saw some form of disappointment in her eyes that I wasn’t that interested with her gift.

NO! That’s not true Nanay Angel! I actually want this!

Call me selfish or whatever for hoarding multiple planners, but I really want this. And I’m so glad that fate has handed it over to me. So in essence, I don’t really have a choice. :-b

Why do I want it so much? Well, aside from its functionality and novelty, I have always liked Witty Will Save The World’s brand of humor. πŸ™‚

Here, have a glimpse of some pages from THE “RELAKS, PAG-IBIG LANG YAN, PARANG KAGAT LANG NG LANGGAM” PLANNER 2014* :

The Hardbound Cover

Front cover

Front cover





“Huwag kang OA, it’s just pag-ibig”



"It's Superbwakanangshetcomplicatedpengengtissue" -- HAHAHA

“It’s Superbwakanangshetcomplicatedpengengtissue” — HAHAHA

A mini-quiz of how stupid you are when it comes to love. πŸ˜€


"0 YES - Echosera, ulitin ang quiz!" "50 Yes - Ikaw na ang perfect tanga! We are not worthy" HAHAHA!

“0 YES – Echosera, ulitin ang quiz!”
“50 Yes – Ikaw na ang perfect tanga! We are not worthy”

It also comes with trivia and some random add-ins. πŸ™‚



Plus, the monthly cover-page features a “Lover of the Month”


Of course, who wouldn't be able to relate to Popoy and Basha's love story

Of course, who wouldn’t be able to relate to Popoy and Basha’s love story

Hahaha! This one got me hard. It's from the movie "Labs Kita, Okey Ka Lang", a famous teenybopper film from my childhood.

Hahaha! This one got me hard. It’s from the movie “Labs Kita, Okey Ka Lang”, a famous teenybopper film from my childhood.


And since the theme of the planner is “Love”, it has some extra focus on Valentine.





I truly consider myself lucky this year to have actually picked a gift that I absolutely liked. πŸ™‚ Thank you so much, Nanay Angel. πŸ™‚

And to you who finds the book funny or interesting, please please, purchase a copy now! I sincerely want the people behind this to succeed in their business.

Here are the contact details.

Here are their contact details.


* – The Filipino part of the title roughly translates to “Relax, that’s just ‘love’, it’s just like an ant bite”. The last clause references to a popular Filipino saying “parang kagat lang yan ng langgan” which doctors or nurses normally use to calm scaredy people that are about to get pricked by a syringe.

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