Surprise from my boss

Surprise from my boss

Pru Life UK backpack

Pru Life UK backpack


And I thought that when my boss gave me this bag, I just received my coolest Christmas gift for the year. I mean, I was so glad because firstly, it was unexpected, plus, it was something that I did not realize I want until I started to use it and found out that it is something I badly need. Its size is just the right size of “handy”, and yet it has more than sufficient compartments where I can neatly and safely place my random daily stuff (including most especially my laptop).

Hence, I considered it as the coolest tangible Christmas gift I have received. Or so I thought.

Last 21st of December, the alumni of UPLB Street Jazz Dance Company, Urban Elite, had a Christmas gathering my good friend Xan’s (Arigato) apartment. It was less grand than most Christmas parties, but it was extra joyous. That’s what I love about Urban Elite gatherings — we simply enjoy each other’s company regardless of the setting.

So before I get distracted, let me tell you that on that same evening, I received a handful of gifts. I received from our “exchange gifts” this:

Witty Will Save The World's latest installment

Witty Will Save The World’s latest installment

I also got my Phillips hair clipper.

I have been dying to own one since I first tried using one when I borrowed from my friend in SG.

Phillips hair clipper

Phillips hair clipper

This is very useful to me because I had been maintaining a skinhead since 2009, which meant frequent visits to the barber shop for my regular shave. Also, I liked so much that this particular product is rechargeable – meaning, I can use it cordless in the bathroom and avoid having messy hair shavings anywhere else in the house. When I scouted for it here in Manila, I discovered that it’s priced at a whopping P7,000++. Are you kidding me? So I contacted my “brod” in SG to check its price there, and we learned that it’s only at P2,000++ when converted to peso. Without batting an eyelash (i.e. without confirming my financial capacity) I asked him to buy it for me and then I pay him when he gets here. Bam! Approximately P5,000 savings plus free shipping. πŸ™‚ Thank you so much Tope!

However, the most standout gift I received that night, and I now consider as the coolest one I got for Christmas 2013 is this…






YES! The much-coveted Starbucks planner. YAY!

I have been a couple of times vocal about being not too crazy about Starbucks coffee. Perhaps, its popularity among the yuppies made it less appealing to me. Yeap, I oddly have this habit of shunning away from the mainstream (with exceptions, of course). If I would rank my top fave coffee shops, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf would have to be on top, then CafΓ© de Lipa (in Market! Market!), then Figaro, and then Starbucks and Seattle’s Best at a tie. Hence, year after year, I am always unsurprisingly immune to that year-end Starbucks planner hysteria.

Although, when I saw the sample 2014 Starbucks planners, I secretly mumbled to myself, “They have a good design this year. Too bad I don’t fancy drinking Starbucks.”

Thus, when I received this as a gift from my co-dancer/friend/daughter-in-the-org, I jumped for joy! πŸ™‚

It was even more touching to learn that she had earnestly spent the past weeks drinking Starbucks just to get me this planner. Awww… If that’s not love, then I don’t know what is. My daughter really knows how to pull my heartstrings. πŸ™‚ Also, she figured out early on that because of my personality [ (1) I like to plan; (2) I have a very busy lifestyle; (3) I like to write down things; (4) and I am a damn forgetful person ] a planner would be the best gift for me. πŸ™‚


Thank you so much Sabrina-anak!!!

Thank you also, Miss Vicky, Nanay Angel, and Topeppers!

I wish you all had a Merry Christmas and will all have a bountiful 2014. πŸ™‚


P.S. Sometimes people around me just know me more than I know myself. Or at least they figure out what I exactly need before I do. πŸ™‚


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