I am practically salivating on this relatively new Android phone, HTC ONE.


In a few months time (and with that I mean by December), the lock-in period of my postpaid Smart iPhone 4s Unlimited Data Plan will be completed. Yay! And as early as now, I am trying to scout the next mobile phone that I’ll be using. Well, that is actually just secondary. The main game plan is to downsize my postpaid plan because I find P2,000-a-month too expensive. I initially wanted just a postpaid plan without a free mobile phone because the latter would push up the monthly payments. Because, yes, the free mobile phone ain’t for free (Newsflash). And besides, my 4s is still perfectly functional. However, after a series of calls to the Smart hotline, I found out I’d be better off getting a new plan with a “free” mobile phone [But this conclusion I would need to review come December]. So I scouted for the right “new phone” for me.

There is no point for a downgrade in model so I was left with iPhone5, Samsung Galaxy S4, and HTC One. The latest Apple phone only happened to be lighter and has a bigger screen. Otherwise, there was nothing groundbreaking in it. The Samsung Galaxy S4, whilst the most preferred by most techies and non-techies alike (from my readings online, and amongst my circle of friends), I find it too mainstream. And the actual phone design is not particularly my type.

Speaking of design, when I first laid my eyes on then ‘soon-to-be’ launched HTC One, BAM!, I fell in love. It was sleek, metallic, and mod – an angry getback of the Taiwanese brand to position itself on the top ranks in smartphones. And now that I’m considering a new phone by year-end, I looked at a lot of videos about HTC One (and Samsung S4 too!), and boy, I am getting more excited by the minute. Can’t wait to get my hands on it! If only I had the moolah, I would have sold my iPhone 4s at a loss and bought HTC One direct from retailers. (Args! Why am I so poor?)

So yeap, I was decided to get that HTC One in December. Was even planning to switch networks because Globe offers an HTC One plan and Smart doesn’t.  I was soooo ready. Until I read this…

If you are too tired to read the article, here’s the gist: Apple is expected to release iPhone 5’s successor this September 10. Oh, yeah! That’s less than a month from now! WOOHOO!

Now I’m very torn. 😦

I honestly feel unfaithful to my beloved HTC One, but the new iPhone is worth looking at. And besides, I wouldn’t be able to get a new phone until December. So we shall see first if the new iPhone could upstage my HTC One. I wish Apple would do more than just a few lame upgrades here and there. It has been a while since they unveiled a groundbreaking piece of  technology. After Steve Jobs, they have been struggling to give us a good surprise.

So anyways, that’s it! Until the 10th of September, allow me to salivate on the sleek, light, terrific, stupendous, lovely HTC One. ❤ ❤ ❤




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