Yesterday, I was writing a huge rant about last weekend’s episode of The Voice Philippines, and I realized that I haven’t published it. Heck, I haven’t even finished the first paragraph. Was I too busy yesterday? Well, not exactly. But anyway, it is a bit ineffective to write the rant now because my angst have subsided.

But just to give you a glimpse, I was uberly frustrated Sunday night on the non-advancement of Juvie Pelos to the next round. And I hated the Salongas for this one. First of all, Lea’s song choice was (for me) a bit too alien for the local market. Second, I didn’t like the way his brother commented “You cannot unwrap a piece of candy with a sledgehammer,” or something like that, pertaining to Juvie’s and the other guy’s attack on the piece. He has a point, I know, and Juvie did oversing at some parts. But maaaan, the small girl was pitted against two guys, one of which was very charming and has a very commercial voice. Her chances of winning was 1/3 (as compared to 1/2 for the duo battles). It was pretty understandable that she attempts to give her all in the few seconds that was given her. And besides, the song was clearly not her element. I wish Lea could have chosen a song that was more or less equally apt for the three singers. (Redundancy on song choice reason *grin*)


This by the way made me think, what if Juvie had chosen another judge instead, like Bamboo? I think they would have had a better collaboration. Bamboo, I believe would have had established a better connection with Juvie. He would have had brought out that whatchamacallit, that… that ‘organic’, talent that Juvie has. And transform it into a more awesome TV moment. By the way, I’m not saying that the two other guys Juvie was pitted against were not deserving to win. They all were. It’s just that, we saw very little of Juvie. She left the competition too early. Args!

But anyways, all is done. I just hope she doesn’t dissolve into oblivion after The Voice. She has a very promising talent. She could be the modern Joey Ayala, or Asin. Her music just makes me want to give her a giant microphone so that she can sing her heart out for all the world to hear. Then I cheer for her in the background. “Oh yeah, that is the Filipino sound. This is the Filipino talent right here.”

Disclaimer: Please don’t take this entry too seriously. I am no music major, and I am not even a good singer myself. I am just letting off a steam because I felt that the competition was not able to showcase the greatness that was Juvie. And besides, I have a couple of biases. Aside from the girl being a fellow Mindanao-an, I learned just recently that we have a huge number of relatives in Juvie’s hometown, Surigao. We even had our first reunion there two years ago.


Okay. So the entry did turn out to be a rant. HAHA! I’m sorry. But anyway, for the benefit of those who have not watched Juvie’s “Uwahig” during the blind auditions, or for those who have forgotten how amazing the girl was, here’s the video:

P.S. After I watched again the video, I realized Lea was full of B.S. during the auditions. Don’t get me wrong. She is “the” Lea Salonga. I love her and I believe she has the best credentials among the four judges. And she was working, she has to say things to be able to get the best talents in her team, and of course to keep the show more interesting. But I just believe Juvie would have gone farther into the competition if she was with Bamboo. πŸ™‚

Tsk. Sadness.

P.S. If there was one thing that made me happy about the episode, it was the realization that JAG was behind the styling of the contestants. No wonder I found them ‘transformed’ the way I would have want them transformed. JAG is one of the brands that I really love. (Not as much as M.R. Lee and Dockers though).

P.S.2 – I watched the video in youtube again. I was so happy reading the comments section. I wasn’t alone after all. Haha! Anyway, I wish Juvie success. She has so much to offer. And I’d say she is much bigger than this lame competition.

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I am a self-confessed 'jologs', a country boy who now works in the big city. I studied Applied Math, and am now completing Finance while working as a risk analyst. I feel extremely happy whenever I dance, draw/sketch, and write. I also like to read books, eat (not fruits, or vegetables), sleep, and travel. Update (12/2017) - I have already completed my Finance Masters in Diliman, plus Financial Engineering in Korea. I came back to Manila just last year from the Land of the Morning Calm, and is now currently working as a Risk Manager for a multinational financial institution. I am now updating this information box in the hopes that I will get my groove back into writing. I kinda missed it. And I actually have tons and tons of adventures that I have not logged in here. Hope to catch up to what's happening in my life. Here's to hoping for more adventures, and having enough time and energy to share all of them in this online realm. Cheers!


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    it’s a show for godness’ sake!

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