NAIA as conjured in the minds of Cobonpue, Layug, and Pineda

NAIA 1 as conjured in the minds of Cobonpue, Layug, and Pineda

the trio - Layug, Cobonpue, and Pineda

the trio – Layug, Cobonpue, and Pineda

Just sharing this article I’ve read in the newspaper yesterday. It is about a design for the makeover of Ninoy Aquino International Airport 1 (NAIA 1) proposed by Kenneth Cobonpue, Budji Layug and Royal Pineda, with the help of Leandro Locsin architecture firm. Among the three, I am most familiar with Kenneth Cobonpue. If you have read a previous post of mine (HERE’S THE LINK), I wrote about the amazing of Kenneth Cobonpue. Yes, he is that Cebuano designer who have made his global mark though his designs. He has sold to the high-profile couple Brangelina a bed called The Voyage. Aside from that, he was able to design a bamboo Ferrari. That’s what’s cool about his brand, he uses native materials (I assume) which makes his creations look very Filipino. 🙂

So anyways, here are some of the images of his new project, which I got from the internet.





Very mod, right? Mod, and the same time refreshing. I like the incorporation of nature in the design as it showcases the beauty of our tropical country. I sincerely wish the government will adopt this design as it will be a huge waste not to do so. And besides, Cobonpue and the gang are offering this pro bono. A world-class design for free! Come on. Mr. Abaya, PNoy, PNoy’s minions, please please please, consider using this new design for our very tired-looking terminal. As Mr. Cobonpue pointed out it in his interview, a country’s airport will give the first and the last impressions to its visitors.

How I wish I’d live to see the day when Manila’s airport can match our neighbours’.

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur



Changi Airport - Singapore

Changi Airport – Singapore





Our economy is rising. Yo, Mr. President, let  us strike whilst the iron is hot! 🙂

By the way, this is Cobonpue’s Ferrari. Amazing, no?



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