Geisha wall painting
TORO BAR & RESTAURANT is a recently opened fine dining hub in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Taguig, that serves a mix of Japanese and Mexican cuisine. (IKR)
When our company moved offices from Makati CBD to the Fort BGC, we were saddened by the reality that our new address wasn’t surrounded with the same amount of food hubs as the old one. So when I learned about this new resto opening, I was largely delighted – especially as Toro is located near our office. So near that we had the same street address!

[26th Street West corner 4th Avenue]

I noticed this new hub in my morning walks from my tuktuk drop off to our building. It was still being constructed then. That large geisha painting made me swore to try their food once they opened. Yes, they had me at geisha.
BGC electric tricycles we fondly call tuktuk
the fascade
the entryway

Volcano Roll – my first taste of Toro, divine!

the price tag – don’t worry, the food’s worth every penny

i believe this is tuna or salmon maki

inedible thingy on the table

a shrimp dish with mushroom

Chicken Teriyaki – only dish that I didn’t enjoy as much as the others; but only because I love TBoy’s Chicken Ju so much

Nope, I didn’t consume all of that in one sitting. I only ordered Volcano Roll in my first visit. All the rest happened in my second and third visit (which took place in a span of 2 days). Thanks to our British colleague from HK, Sarah Ames, I was able to frequent this place.

You see, Sarah visits us monthly to work on a certain project. And every time she comes, we (my boss and I) take her to different restaurants in BGC. However, when I suggested one time that we dine at Toro, she fell in love with the place right away. She liked the food so much that we went back the following day. Also, when she came back for another visit (just last week), she again requested to dine at Toro. The food was THAT good! No exaggerations.

heavenly Turtle Pie
Just recently, I went back to Toro and dined alone (this is part of my vow, i.e. to go back to this place at least once a month). I was enjoying my Salmon Maki and Turtle Pie, as shown above (Yum!), when the friendly and fine-looking owner, Vin, approached me and asked for tips on how to market his food place. Not that I’m a Marketing major. But thanks to my business-oriented friends and relatives, I know a thing or two about Marketing strategies. So I gave him a few tips. Also, I promised to promote his resto to all of my friends and co-workers.
Surprisingly, my bill did not come, compliments of the owner. *grin*

And as a “Thank you” gesture to Vin, and to his polite and well-trained staff, I am urging you all to try the sublime food at TORO RESTAURANT and BAR. Especially if you’re a fan of Japanese and-slash-or Mexican cuisine.

I don’t have the photos, but they serve interestingly fused Mexican and Japanese dishes. Just like the Sushirito — which is obviously a mix of Sushi and Burrito. Curious? Go to 26th Street West corner 4th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. It’s right behind the Mini Cooper shop.

Bon Appetite.

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I am a self-confessed 'jologs', a country boy who now works in the big city. I studied Applied Math, and am now completing Finance while working as a risk analyst. I feel extremely happy whenever I dance, draw/sketch, and write. I also like to read books, eat (not fruits, or vegetables), sleep, and travel. Update (12/2017) - I have already completed my Finance Masters in Diliman, plus Financial Engineering in Korea. I came back to Manila just last year from the Land of the Morning Calm, and is now currently working as a Risk Manager for a multinational financial institution. I am now updating this information box in the hopes that I will get my groove back into writing. I kinda missed it. And I actually have tons and tons of adventures that I have not logged in here. Hope to catch up to what's happening in my life. Here's to hoping for more adventures, and having enough time and energy to share all of them in this online realm. Cheers!


  1. take me here in august!!!! i ❤ jap food to pieces!

  2. sure ate chie!! i missed writing. =( sobrang busy

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