Now I shall post Part 2 of my journey on the 4th of March. I hope this will serve as a guide for other DOST scholars like me who wants to clear their names.

First thing, you need to have a clearance from DOST. If you don’t have this yet, then you would need to process this at the DOST-SEI Head Office at Bicutan. But that’s another story.

The Bureau of Immigration is located at Magallanes Street, Intramuros, Manila. If you don’t know how to get there, here are the routes you may take:

Route A – Take a bus/FX/jeepney going to Lawton
Route B – Take the LRT and get off at Central Station
Route C – (I’m not too faimliar with this) take a ferry ride on the Pasig river and get off at Intramuros

Route 1 – take the underpass and walk straight to Intramuros exit, take a tricycle (“padyak”) going to Bureau of Immigration, approx. Php20-Php30
Route 2 – take a jeepney going to Pier, and drop off at Bureau of Immigration

As for me, I took Route A-1.

I recognized the building from afar, as per confirmation from a staff the day before, their building is painted white and green. Also, when I got in, I noticed right away that the demographics is that 40-50% of the population (including staff) were foreigners.

As all DOST scholars should, I headed straight to Window #17. When the attending staff saw my DOST clearance he pointed me straight to Window #12. I read that to be cleared in Window#17 you have to:

1 – go to Window #12 to get a derogatory printout
2 – Have a photocopy of the printout letter
3 – go back to Window # 17

Here are what I exactly did:

STEP 1 – Presented to Window #12 my original letter of clearance from DOST, addressed to the Head of the Bureau of Immigration.
STEP 2 – Waited.
STEP 3 – Waited some more.
STEP 4 – Received the letter that is now stamped — “NO DEROGATORY RECORDS”.
STEP 5 – Went back to Window #17 where the guy just looked at the stamped document and gloriously sang, “You’ve been cleared. This is the end of the process.”

Okay, so he really didn’t sing. But due to my disbelief of my sudden clearance from BI, and since I was bugging him endless on why the document is enough and whether I should be paying for anything first, he pointed me to a room in the 4th floor where I could confirm these. The guy there told me that the document should be enough. I could prepare copies of it and bring one with me everytime I travel abroad. Also, he said that I could get an actual document certifying my BI clearance but that would cost me something and it would be really unnecessary.

Bureau of Immigration. Completed.
Duration. Around 30 to 40 minutes.
Next Stop. NBI.



About lonewulf

I am a self-confessed 'jologs', a country boy who now works in the big city. I studied Applied Math, and am now completing Finance while working as a risk analyst. I feel extremely happy whenever I dance, draw/sketch, and write. I also like to read books, eat (not fruits, or vegetables), sleep, and travel. Update (12/2017) - I have already completed my Finance Masters in Diliman, plus Financial Engineering in Korea. I came back to Manila just last year from the Land of the Morning Calm, and is now currently working as a Risk Manager for a multinational financial institution. I am now updating this information box in the hopes that I will get my groove back into writing. I kinda missed it. And I actually have tons and tons of adventures that I have not logged in here. Hope to catch up to what's happening in my life. Here's to hoping for more adventures, and having enough time and energy to share all of them in this online realm. Cheers!


  1. Anonymous

    don't u think its necessary to get the certification from BI?

  2. hi visitor! yes, i think it is. they will stamp your letter from DOST with an indication that you're cleared from BI. They said you would need to show it whenever you get out of the country (maybe for the first couple of travels).

    have you tried going abroad without the BI clearance?

  3. Anonymous

    the same thing happened to me when i went there earlier. Akala ko din may kelangan silang bigay na letter sakin at may babayaran pa ko. The stamp suffices nga daw. I guess kahit pala di na tayo dumaan ng BI, we can leave the country given that we hav passports.

    but, better safe than sorry.

  4. hi anonymous(2) – yup! i think it's possible to not go through this process anymore. tingin ko kasi pag okay ka na sa DOST at nabigyan na sila ng notice, “cleared” na tayo dun sa systems nila. =)

    but yeah, better safe than sorry. hindi rin naman ganun katagal yung process. =)

  5. Anonymous

    Hello I already got my DOST final clearance na din! Pero hindi pa ako nakapunta ng NBI, BOI, or DFA office. Di ako sure anong una kong pupuntahan, nasa Davao kasi ako. But upon reading your blog I think uunahin ko muna ang NBI clearance saka na sa BOI kasi kailangan ko pang pumunta ng Manila para makakuha ng clearance. 😦 Nakapunta ka na ba sa DFA? When you received your DOST final clearance meron bang dry seal? May nabasa kasi ako may dry seal ang sa kanya pero ang sa akin wala so medyo I'm worried na baka hindi ito tanggapin. :S Hope to hear a reply from you. thanks in advance. πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Anonymous(3),

    Taga-Davao din ako! Wolo long. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, tama ka, mas maigi unahin mo NBI clearance. Tapos tsaka mo sunod BI or DFA. uhmm Kelan ka ba luluwas? Make sure to sched for your DFA interview first before getting a ticket. Kasi matagal magpa-sched dun. Read more about the DFA process here

    Tsaka, yup, me dry seal yung sa akin. πŸ™‚ San mo ba nakuha yung DOST Clearance mo?

  7. Anonymous

    hi lonewulf. you've actually given me hope. are you serious that the BI thing can be done in 1 day? not 3 days like they say in other blogs? because i have a training and i have to leave by wednesday next week and i'm stressed shit that i won't make it.

  8. hi anonymous(3) – yeap. but note that my case could be different from yours. so, go there as soon as you can. as in bukas na! hehe..

    also, when did you get your dost clearance? that might be a factor as well.

  9. Anonymous


    I went there yesterday, the guy on window 17 told me to be back today to follow-up daw para sure na maasikaso. Yaiks! Ang layo q pa naman. Pero pupunta aq syempre πŸ™‚

    As an aside pala, they are requiring now a photocopy of your ticket, or printout if e-ticket. Tsinetsek na daw ng signatory un, so provide na lang para no questions ask na.

    Hay sana umabot at makuha q. Saturday na flight q (fingers crossed!)

  10. Hiya, ticket for your trip abroad? haha.. weird. what if you're not leaving the country yet, you just want to be cleared?

    Anyway, thanks for the additional info. And, good luck on your trip:)

  11. Anonymous

    I got my DOST clearance last 2008 but I never submitted the copy for BI because I don't plan on going abroad that time. Maging factor kaya ung date ngayon?

  12. unStressed

    need to thank you. kakakuha ko lang ng dost clearance plus immigration tatak kanina, in a span of 3 hours! haha. sa window 12 pa lang, sabi na ng girl tapos na daw, yun lang kelangan ko ipresent sa airport pag alis ko. ndi na nga din hiningi copy ng ticket ko. so i'll make my wednesday trip after all. sobrang helpful ng post mo! πŸ™‚

  13. anonymous(4) – i don't think it'll be a factor. if you'e cleared your name ages back then i believe there will be no cmplications. just secure a clearance from BI if you have plans to leave the country soon. para sure na sure na sure

  14. Unstressed – good for you! haha.. congrats. πŸ™‚ you're welcome. πŸ™‚ it's good to know that this blog has actually provided you some help. kakainspre lalo na magsulat. hehe.. hope you continue reading my blog.

    btw, san pala training mo? ako next week din aalis ng bansa. first time din. good luck sa atin. πŸ™‚

  15. Anonymous

    ppunta ako bukas sa BOI for my permanent clearance since tapos na me sa obligation ko sa DOST..=)
    I thought may bayad pag nagpaclear? or is it different if u'l just requesting for a temporary clearance? my officemate who's not yet finished with his obligation, ask for a temp clearance and they made him to pay, i think 1k yun..
    anlaki nman nun…y did he have to pay pa? pero sa experience nyo, di kau pinagbayad…tapos3hours natapos! tagal..i thot 1 hr tapos na..9am pa nman ako aalis ng office bukas..and im planning to be back before 1130..

  16. @anonymous(n) – i'm sorry, i have no idea about the payments and temporary clearances. Anyway, di mo na yata ma-experience yun kung permanent clearance naman sayo. Good luck!

  17. Anonymous

    Hi! Reading this blog is very helpful! Although, temporary clearance ang case ko, I'm going to try tomorrow morning. Wish me luck! I'll give some feedback on my experience tomorrow and maybe enlighten those who have the same case as mine.

  18. hi anonymous(n+1) – thanks a lot! please do post your comments and other tips. and i do hope i was of help. good luck to you.


  19. Anonymous

    Hi! It's me, anonymous(n+1). Call me Jay. It's the same procedure with Final Clearance. Window 17 > Show Window 12 the letter > Wait… Wait… > They will put a stamp on your letter and your done. PROVIDED YOU DON'T HAVE DEROGATORY OBLIGATIONS. Also, at the airport, they did not check my clearance. BUT I DON'T RECOMMEND ANYONE NOT HAVING THE CLEARANCE FROM IMMIGRATION! Better safe than sorry eh?

  20. Anonymous

    Sorry Late Posting. Just got back from China πŸ™‚

  21. @Jay – NICE! Thanks for the additional tip. Parehas lang pala yung process.

    They also did not check my clearance at the Immigration when I left, but yeah, better safe than sorry. =)

    China? Pasalubong!

  22. grizzliegurl


    I'm a DOST scholar here in cebu, i went to BOI here to have my name cleared, unfortunately, kailangan dw talaga sa manila…timing rin lng na pupunta ako sa manila this weekend, pero i only have monday morning to go to BOI there kasi sa hapon, babalik na ako ng i'd like to know if mataas ba ang pila sa BOI dyan and how long will it take ba to have my name cleared kasi limited lng talaga time ko dyan….

    would appreciate any reply…


  23. Hi grizzliegurl,

    The queue's not bad. I'd say half a day tops. Just start early to be sure. Good luck!


  24. Anonymous

    Mr. Lonewulf,

    Will BI give a separate certificate?
    Or simply stamped your DOST clearance?

    In my case, BI clearance is the only requirement that I need to comply as I already have DOST clearance, passport and NBI clearance.


  25. Hi Anonymous(Oct4) – Just bring that letter given by DOST and addressed to BoI. Once BoI have confirmed from their systems that you have no derogatory records, they will clear you, i.e. stamp your letter. That same letter should be reproduced and shown to Immigration when you travel abroad.

    Hope this helps

  26. grizzliegurl

    Hi Mr. Lonewulf,

    Thank you for the quick response…

    I have another question, do i have to bring any certificate na may complete name ko (including middle name) kasi sabi ng BOI dito sa cebu, hindi dw nakaindicate yung middle name ko sa letter ng DOST, so i have to bring my passport dw or any supporting document..i'd like to know if hind rin ba nakaindicate sa letter nyo yung middle name nyo and would it really matter sa BOI dyan if middle initial lng yung nakalagay sa letter?…i've read kasi sa posts dito na hindi nmn humingi ng supporting docs ang BOI sa manila to prove one's identity.


  27. Anonymous

    Ok. Thanks…

  28. Anonymous

    hello When you have the ticket and BI clearance. do you still need NBI clearance? Thank you.

  29. @Grizzliegurl – based on the picture I posted above only my middle initial was indicated and it was enough. but to be on the safe side, just bring supporting documents.

    @Anonymous(Oct5) – no worries.

    @Anonymous(Oct6) – You mean for travel abroad? I don't think it's necessary. They didn't ask for mine when I went to HK.

  30. grizzliegurl

    I just want to share my experience…i went to BI to have my DOST letter stamped, unfortunately, stamp lng nila ng “Received” then asked me to go back after 3 days to get the Waiver. i expected lng po na istatamp ng nila ng “No deregatory records” then I'm done. Parang iba po yata sa case ko, don't know why..anyways, i'll have my friend claim the waiver na lng since i'm not in manila to process everything…

    hope this would help…

  31. Hi Grizzliegurl – This, doesn't sound so good. However, thanks for sharin the experience. At least we now know that the clearing process is not hassle-free for all cases. But I do hope the entry was of help in any way.

    For others, grizzliegurl's case could serve as an additional guidance.


  32. Anonymous

    hi..may dress code po ba pagpumunta dun sa BoI?

    **thanks Lonewulf for the post! helpful indeed!

  33. Hi! Wala naman dress code sa BoI. I think. Hmm.. Just wear your smart casuals. πŸ™‚

    Thanks! I'm glad I was of help. Cheers

  34. Anonymous


    I'm from Davao so wanna ask if pwede ba sa Davao BoI lang mag process or kailangan talaga sa central office sa Manila mag secure ng clearance?Thanks. πŸ™‚

  35. ^Hi there… I'm sorry but I don't have the slightest idea. Tawagi nalang office dira bai kung pwede ba nga diha nalang.

  36. Anonymous

    Confirm ko lang po.
    Di ba Dr. Brawner na ang SEI director ngayon?

    And I've read somewhere na bago na rin ang address ng DOST office.

    Science Education Institute
    2nd Level Science Heritage Building, DOST Compound
    General Santos Avenue
    Bicutan, Taguig City, 1631
    Map – Science Heritage Building

    Tama po ba information na to?

  37. mike

    hi lonewulf, thanks a lot for this post. i find this very useful.

    just got my dost clearance early jan this year. @anonymous, yes i address my request letter to Dr. Brawner and it works, SEI is now in heritage building. madali lang naman hanapin, ginawa ko, nagtanong ako sa guard ng lumang sei building and yun, malapit lang naman lakarin yung new from old building.
    had my passport application yesterday and dumiretso na rin ako ng BI, yun nga lang. need ko pa daw i-f-up sa BI after 3 days. hay! fingers crossed!

  38. Hi anonymous thanks a lot for that updated info.

    Hi Mike, you're welcome! πŸ™‚ Congrats! I'm glad I was of help. By the way, thanks din sa pagconfirm ng bagong director. πŸ™‚ How was your BI clearance?

  39. DOST Scholar Program A

    Question po. I went to BOI tapos I handed them 2copies. 1 original tapos 1 na photocopy of my DOST clearance. Pero after a few minutes pinababalik ako after 3 days tapos ang binalik lang sa akin is the photocoy of my DOST clearance at naiwan sa kanila yong original. I am just a little bit confused, dapat ba ibalik yong original sa akin or photocopy lang? I think kaya mabilis iprocess yong iba kasi depende siguro sa taong nakaassign kasi very early ako that time and nagoopen palang sila ng mga computers nila. What do you think?

    Another question pero tungkol naman sa NBI ito. Last year ko pa nakuha yong DOST clearance ko for NBI syempre it was addressed to Atty. Gatdula but then nasibak siya sa pwesto would you think valid pa rin yong DOST clearance? The clearance was dated last year.

  40. Anonymous

    I'm also a DOST scholar and need to have my final clearance from the BI.
    I live here in Cebu. Would it be okay if I will have my allowed departure order be processed by a representative? Ano ba ang requirements nila?

    Thanks in advance… This blog is of great help.

  41. DOST Scholar Program A

    Nakuha ko na lifting order ko from BOI. Then yong sa NBI baka mamaya or bukas ko na makukuha. Yeszzzzz! Thank God!

  42. Hi anonymous, good to be of help. Regarding your query, i think pwede naman na rep basta may authorization letter lang or something. Yung sa NBI and DFA, definitely kelangan ikaw yung magasikaso. πŸ™‚

  43. Hi DOST Scholar Program A,
    Sorry late response, good thing okay na BOI mo. Yung sakin binalik nila yung original letter from DOST na nistamp lang nila. πŸ™‚ I don't think kelangan nila ng copy kasi pag okay ka na sa DOST, clear na rin naman name mo sa systems nila.

    Good luck with your NBI. I heard iba na daw systems ngayon? Di ko pa nattry. πŸ™‚ and regarding your question, I think your clearance is still valid. Logically, wala na sila dapat pakialam kung kanino naka address. Kung tutuusin, yung office naman talaga ang inaaddress hindi yung tao. Just my two cents.

    By the way, thanks for dropping by. πŸ™‚

  44. Anonymous

    nkapgtravel ako last October without the airport immigration asking for my travel clearance.. but i have one with the 'NO DEROGATORY RECORDS” stamp from BI. I will travel again this April.. need ko p kya mgpaalam ulit sa dost?

  45. Just always carry a copy of the BI stamped doc with you whenever you travel abroad, that's what they told me. Albeit, they might not ask for it every single time.

  46. Anonymous

    but specific kc dun sa previous travel clearance ko n for this trip only, with specific date n nkalagay.. but like i said hnd naman ako tinanong sa airport immigration..

  47. Ohw… Hrmmm.
    Cleared ka na sa DOST diba? If yes, then I guess di mo na kelangang problemahin to. Dapat kasi cleared ka na sa systems ng BI pati ng DFA.

  48. Anonymous

    no not yet, i still have 1 yr to serve..

  49. If that's the case then I guess you would need to secure another temporary clearance just to be on the safe side. Mahirap na dun ka pa maharang sa mismong araw ng travel mo.

  50. Anonymous

    tnx.. un n lng gwin ko pra sure.

  51. You're welcome. Good luck! πŸ™‚

  52. hi there! thanks for this very helpful post.
    am from cebu and i will get my final clearance sometime this week. i guess iL just have to go to manila to clear my name from BOI. this is gonna be expensive… deeeyyym!!

  53. Hi bless, you're welcome. And Good Luck! Laag nalang sa sa Intramuros after nimu mag-BI. Tapad lang sya, nindot pud didto. Hehe

  54. Anonymous

    hi lonewulf, DOST scholar ako, pero wl pa akong dinal clearance, pero nakakuha ako ng passport last 2011, how come? pero last week kumukuha ako ng NBI ayun nagka hit re: DOST-sei scholarship, then as i'm searching re; clearnce, iba iba ang ginawa sa BOI, iba alang payment made, iba nagbayad ng P500, tpos may Memo from DOST to BOI re: sa TRO ng watchlist order na binigay ng SC (connect kay exPGMA) to DOJ, tpos ang pinabalik lang sa list are those w/ current scholars or have not yet fulfil there obligation, i've been working more than 10 years and my scholarship is 4 years lang. pede ko kayang pakita to para di ako singilin ng P500 sa BOI when i go there?

  55. Hi, sorry nalito ako sa question, ang alin ang ipapakita mo? If you're referring to the blog entry, I don't think it will have a bearing. What I suggest you could do is clear your name with DOST first, give them a copy of your certificate of employment for the past 10 years. Then they will clear your name in their systems, and I believe maiinform na rin consequently ang BI and NBI. Tapos they will give you this official document as a proof of your clearance. Yun yung papakita mo sa BI. Sa NBI systems automatic din na cleared na name mo dun if ma-clear ka sa DOST (methinks). But if kelangan mo yung actual NBI clearance for travel abroad kelangan mo mag-apply ng bago. Ayun. Hope this helps

  56. Anonymous

    hello Lonewulf,

    pwde mo i.specify kung ano yung mga requirements na titingnan o hinihingi ng BI?

    i already have my clearance letter and ung letter for BI galing sa DOST.


  57. Hi roots,

    If the process did not change since I went there, yung letter lang ni DOST addressed to BI ang titignan nila. Tas isa-stamp nila yan ng No Derogatory Records. Tas dala kana lang ng photocopy neto everytime you travel abroad baka daw icheck. Pero so far naka-2 travels na ako abroad, di pa naman chinicheck. Ayun.

  58. Anonymous

    okey.. maraming salamat sa sagot mo lonewulf.

    ill update you once pag.may changes. pupunta kac ako this month sa BI.


  59. Okay. Thanks roots!
    And good luck sa processing mo.


  60. Anonymous

    they charge P500 as express lane fee

  61. So I've read in some blogs. That's why I also prepared the same amount when I went there. However, I did not encounter that express lane part. I don't know why the process I underwent is different to some others'.

  62. Harris

    Hi thank you for your useful blog and tips.
    just to re-cap,

    I am leaving on the 24th but will only have my DOST clearance and letter to BI hopefully on Monday (21st) due to the signatories being out-of-tome.

    -if i bring it on tuesday (22nd) to BI will I get the clearance within the day?
    -is there an expedite lane? is expediting normally being done by other scholars?
    -do i still need an NBI clearance to BI or just the DOST clearances?
    -Lastly, I noted 24th to 31st of May for my travel meaning do I really need to be back exactly on the 31st? or can I be there til June 3? (only other available return date)

    Thank you in advance

  63. Anonymous

    Hello lonewulf,

    hindi kami pinabayad. Tap0s less than 30mins lang ung pr0cess. Kuha agad.

    salamat sa tul0ng ng blog m0!


  64. Hi Harris,
    I'm so sorry I must have missed this query. I hope you were able to process everything and was allowed to travel.

  65. Hi roots,
    It's good to hear that.

    It's my pleasure to be of help.


  66. Anonymous

    Hi lonewulf,

    I have a flight schedule this sept to go to U.S to be with my husband.I am cleared in Dost and NBI already but I haven't been to BOI yet.dito po ako sa ormoc Leyte now with my 5 month old baby.gusto kong pumunta ng Manila pra maasikaso un but I can't travel there kc di ko pwede iwan ung baby,mhirapan tlaga din ako pag dadalhin ko xa.may pinsan ako sa Manila na pwedeng umasikaso nun.may letter na Naman ako galling sa dost pra sa BOI.pwede kayang magsend nalang ako sa kanya ng authorization letter?pwede ba un?2 weeks nalng kc aalis na kmi.ayoko namang sa araw ng flight namin ay harangin kmi ng immigration. 😦

  67. Anonymous

    Hi everyone. I came across this site last year when I had to get a temporary clearance, and this was such a big help. Just wanted to share – I got my final clearance earlier today, and instead of the usual documents, the guy only gave me 3: Certification, NBI endorsement and DFA endorsement. He said there was no need to go to BOI anymore and that I only had to show the Certification to airport personnel IF I was asked. (Last year I still had to go to BOI but the processing took under 15 minutes. And I wasn't even asked to show my clearance at the airport.) So… hope this means things are getting easier for us scholars. πŸ™‚ I'll be flying to SG on Saturday, wish me luck!

  68. Wow! Congratulations. πŸ™‚

    It's good to know I was able to help. Good luck on your new journey. Libre! Libre! Libre! πŸ™‚

  69. Anonymous

    hi lonewolf, ur blog is really helpful. I got a temporary clearance via deed of undertaking with a co-maker. When I applied for this, I disclosed that I will be out of the country for two weeks. If, God forbid, I would be back a day or more late, would me and my co-maker be liable? I did wish I had asked for a longer duration.

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