So I climbed at the top of the cliff, raised my right fist to the high heavens, and shouted:
“Tomorrow! I will embark on a journey that no other man has taken!” Then I scurried to my dump of documents and re-checked the completeness of the requirements including all necessary photocopies. *grin*.. I will attempt to process three documents in one day: Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) passport application at Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard, Pasay; Bureau of Immigration (BI) clearance at Intramuros, Manila; and NBI clearance at Monumento.

Okay so that was last night. I woke up (unusually) early this morning and (unusually) had my rice breakfast. I had to summon all my strength because I know that it will be a long day full of endless queues, counters, window transfers, etc. It’s like UP registration all over again! *grin* Not to mention, I knew Manila streets so well, strolling there will be like looking at the back of my hands (NOT). So I already expected that I’ll get lost somewhere at least once today.

To cut the long story short, I made it!! Or at least that’s how it appears. I think I will know within 6 weeks if I really did make it. Also, I will create separate posts on my individual journeys today. I want it to look like “how to” entries. And that’s because online “how to” pages helped me a lot in my tasks today. So I want to thank them by paying it forward. *genuine smile*

Gotta scoot for now. I’m late for training.

About lonewulf

I am a self-confessed 'jologs', a country boy who now works in the big city. I studied Applied Math, and am now completing Finance while working as a risk analyst. I feel extremely happy whenever I dance, draw/sketch, and write. I also like to read books, eat (not fruits, or vegetables), sleep, and travel. Update (12/2017) - I have already completed my Finance Masters in Diliman, plus Financial Engineering in Korea. I came back to Manila just last year from the Land of the Morning Calm, and is now currently working as a Risk Manager for a multinational financial institution. I am now updating this information box in the hopes that I will get my groove back into writing. I kinda missed it. And I actually have tons and tons of adventures that I have not logged in here. Hope to catch up to what's happening in my life. Here's to hoping for more adventures, and having enough time and energy to share all of them in this online realm. Cheers!

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